How to Prepare your Wallet for the City Clash Towers Mint!

How to Prepare your Wallet for the City Clash Towers Mint!

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Apr 19, 2022
We really appreciate all of you early community members, and City Clash Towers is our attempt to give you a boost as we continue on our mission to build City Clash, a social strategy P2E game! We understand that Arbitrum has a little bit more friction than minting on Ethereum mainnet, so this guide is our attempt to help you overcome that friction! You can choose to mint one, two or three Towers. To mint three, you’ll need ~.003 ETH (gas costs) and 5 MAGIC (will not be spent, just used to avoid bots) in your Arbitrum wallet. Here’s how to make that happen:

1. Create an Arbitrum Wallet with MetaMask

If you’ve already added the Arbitrum network to MetaMask, you can skip this step!
  • Step 1: Download and set up MetaMask here
  • Step 2: Add the Arbitrum Network to MetaMask by clicking “Add L2 Network” here
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2. Transfer ETH to Arbitrum

  • If you already have ≥ .008 ETH on Arbitrum, and just need to purchase $MAGIC, you can skip this step!
    • Option 1: Bridging

      If you have ETH in MetaMask on the Ethereum mainnet (or another network) bridge using the Arbitrum Bridge:
    • This is the simplest, but potentially most expensive option, as it bridging requires an Ethereum mainnet transaction
    • Consider transferring more to Arbitrum if you’ll use it in the future, so that the fee is a smaller percentage of the total
    • The bridge takes about 10 minutes to transfer the ETH from L1 to L2
    • Step 1: Follow the Arbitrum Bridge Tutorial to get ≥ .008 ETH onto Arbitrum
      • ~.003 ETH to cover the gas costs of minting 3 Towers
      • ~.005 ETH to purchase 5 MAGIC

      Option 2: Withdrawing from Exchanges that Support Arbitrum

      If you have ETH/crypto on FTX or, withdraw directly to Arbitrum
    • This is likely the quickest and cheapest approach because you avoid bridges and L1 transaction costs
    • FTX:
      • FTX supports direct ETH withdrawals to Arbitrum!
      • Step 1: Convert to ETH (if necessary)
      • Step 2: When withdrawing, specify “Withdrawal Method” as Arbitrum
      • notion image
    • (not the app, outside of the US only):
    • Option 3: Bridging from an Exchange that Doesn’t Support Arbitrum

      If you have crypto on Coinbase (not Pro), Binance (not US), or Bitfinex, you can bridge using LayerSwap:
    • The following is more advanced, but is faster and cheaper than Option 4, so is better for small amounts. If bridging is unfamiliar, proceed with caution, or skip to the next step
      • LayerSwap allows you to transfer directly to Arbitrum
      • Step 1: Select the amount (.015 ETH is fine)
      • Step 2: Select the exchange you want to transfer from
      • Step 3: Set the Network to Arbitrum
      • Step 4: Enter your Arbitrum address
      • Step 5: Press “Swap Now” and follow the prompts to login to the exchange account and confirm the transaction
    • If you’re a beginner, and aren’t comfortable with the approach above, follow Option 4 below
    • Option 4: Withdrawing from an Exchange that Doesn’t Support Arbitrum

      If you have crypto on any other exchange, you can transfer it to an exchange or wallet that makes it easy to transfer to Arbitrum:
      • If you have an FTX account or would like to create one:
        • This method is cheap and quick
        • Step 1: Withdraw ETH from whatever exchange you hold it in to your FTX account
        • Step 2: Follow the instructions for FTX in Option 2 above to withdraw from FTX to Arbitrum
      • If you don’t want to create an FTX account:
        • This method is slower and more expensive
        • Step 1: Withdraw ETH to your MetaMask wallet
        • Step 2: Follow the instructions for Option 1 above to bridge to Arbitrum

      Option 5: Getting ETH on Arbitrum with Fiat

      If you don’t have any crypto, you can:
      • If you have a friend already on Arbitrum that you trust:
        • This method is cheap and potentially quick
        • Step 1: Ask if you can “buy” .008 ETH on Arbitrum from them
          • They transfer the ETH to your Arbitrum address
          • You pay them in fiat or crypto
      • Else:
        • Ramp Network allows you to go straight from fiat to ETH on Arbitrum
          • Some users reported their credit card company blocking this deposit
          • Users reported debit cards working
        • This method will likely take ~15 minutes and has higher than usual fees
        • Step 1: Go to Ramp Network
        • Step 2: Set “You Pay” to your native currency
        • Step 3: Set “You Get” to “ETH on Arbitrum”
        • Step 4: Click “Proceed” and follow their account creation, verification, and payment process

3. Swap ETH for Magic on Arbitrum

  • Step 2: Add the MAGIC token information to MetaMask
    • Ensure you’re on the Arbitrum network
    • Under the “Assets” tab, scroll to the bottom and click “Import tokens”
    • Get the contract address from here
      • 0x539bdE0d7Dbd336b79148AA742883198BBF60342 as of 4/21/22
    • In the “Custom Token” tab:
      • Set “Token Contract Address” to the contract address from above
        • If you’ve done this correctly, MAGIC should automatically appear in the “Token Symbol” field
      • Click “Import Tokens”
      • Confirm
    • You should be able to see your MAGIC in your MetaMask wallet!